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How to Spot a Nose Job (and How to Be Sure Yours Looks More Natural)

The decision to undergo rhinoplasty, commonly referred to as a “nose job,” is deeply personal and often driven by a desire to enhance facial harmony and confidence. While many individuals seek subtle changes to their nose, the fear of an overly obvious or “done” appearance can be a significant concern. Fortunately, achieving natural-looking results with […]

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Is a Scarless Breast Lift Possible?

The goal of any cosmetic surgery procedure is to mimic natural beauty. Though scars are part of the healing process, they don’t help the surgical results look natural. Achieving a scarless breast lift has long been a goal for both patients and surgeons alike. Traditional breast lift techniques, such as the circumareolar and inverted-T lifts, […]

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Which Chin Augmentation Technique Is Right for Me?

Having a weak chin can disrupt the harmony between your facial features. A more prominent chin can help balance proportions of the face, often without requiring additional facial modifications. Most plastic surgeons offer the standard implant for chin augmentation, but Dr. Kao performs three different techniques to reshape and enhance the chin. The three chin […]

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Achieve Natural Results With a Brazilian Butt Lift

Large, curvaceous bottoms have been skyrocketing in popularity in recent years, and the desire for a buxom posterior is causing aspirants to seek expert help in achieving their goals. Some individuals can build and shape the gluteus muscle with diet and exercise, but not everyone is as successful at it as they would like. A […]

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To Lift or Not to Lift (The Breasts)?

Your breast dissatisfaction may stem from a number of reasons, such as lack of volume, sagging, or a deflated breast shape. Dr. Kao believes that every woman should have a bustline that makes her feel happy and confident. All too often, he sees women who are unhappy with their breasts but don’t know what will […]

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Natural Results With Circumareolar Mastopexy

Breast lift is commonly performed on women with mild to severe degrees of sagging, which has caused them to develop an aged or unattractive breast appearance. There are a number of breast lift techniques that can be implemented to achieve a better-looking breast. However, many women want to preserve the flawless aesthetic of the breast, […]

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The Massai Neck Corset Difference

The Massai (or Maasai) are a tribe in East Africa who are renowned for their naturally long, graceful necks. When Dr. Kao observed this, he began to develop a technique that would allow him to achieve the same sculpted appearance in his patients. Thus, Dr. Kao created the “Massai Neck Corset,” which sculpts and tightens […]

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When Is a Good Age to Have a Facelift?

“When will I need a facelift?” is a common question, but it doesn’t have a simple answer. Facial aging isn’t uniform, and people age at different rates. Your genetics combined with how you live your life and care for your skin are reflected in the aging of your skin. So the answer ultimately is: the […]

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Origami Lift

To Lift or Not to Lift—Your Breasts A significant number of women find that their breasts change over time. Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss can have dramatic effects on the integrity of your breast tissue, which impacts the perky, attractive qualities that most women desire in their appearance. If your breasts seem to lack the […]

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Why Fat Is the Best Filler

Non-surgical dermal fillers are becoming increasingly popular, with over six million treatments performed in the past year alone. Women and men are choosing injectable fillers to conveniently achieve a variety of results that include smoothed wrinkles, sculpted faces, and enhanced lips. However, for many, injectables aren’t the cost-effective, long-lasting treatment they truly need. Patients often […]

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A Unique Approach to Breast Augmentation Incisions

There are several traditional approaches to creating incisions for breast augmentation. Many surgeons will perform the procedure using either inframammary incisions placed along the inframammary folds or transaxillary incisions within the armpits. The drawbacks to these techniques are either unsightly scarring in the case of an inframammary incision or limitation on implant placement with the […]

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