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Which Chin Augmentation Technique Is Right for Me?

Beauty shot for Chin AugmentationHaving a weak chin can disrupt the harmony between your facial features. A more prominent chin can help balance proportions of the face, often without requiring additional facial modifications. Most plastic surgeons offer the standard implant for chin augmentation, but Dr. Kao performs three different techniques to reshape and enhance the chin. The three chin augmentation techniques Dr. Kao performs are fat grafting, injectable fillers, and implants.

What to Ask Yourself Before Chin Augmentation

  • Do I want permanent results?
  • Do I want to undergo surgery to achieve the chin profile I desire?
  • Do I have a weak chin and unwanted body fat I would like to remove?
  • Do I have the time to undergo surgery or do I need in-office treatment?

Chin Augmentation Using Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is an ideal augmentation technique for patients who desire a more prominent chin without the need for permanent implants. Dr. Kao harvests excess fat from problem areas of a patient’s body, such as the hips, abdomen, and flanks. He then purifies it to extract durable “Super Fat,” which is meticulously injected into the chin to add necessary volume. After three months, the volume retained can be permanent. Nearly every patient who has undergone the Ponytail Lift™ procedure has had fat transfer to the chin. Patients have been very pleased with the results and have required additional fat transfers to the chin.

Chin Augmentation Using Injectable Fillers

Dr. Kao performs chin augmentation using injectable fillers in-office and in less than one hour. Using hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxylapatite fillers, Dr. Kao strategically builds chin volume that is most suitable for each patient’s facial structure. Results last four to six months, making it an excellent choice for patients who do not wish to undergo a permanent alteration with surgery or who just want a trial to see how they like their new profile before moving to a more permanent solution.

Chin Augmentation Using Implants

A chin implant is a long-term solution for a weak or recessed chin. Dr. Kao inserts customized silicone implants through an incision under the chin or inside the mouth to improve the projection of the chin. Although this method requires more recovery time, the results are permanent and do not need touch ups.

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