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How to Spot a Nose Job

The best plastic surgery achieves subtle results while leaving no obvious indications that any changes have been made. Facial surgery requires a skillful touch and considerable attention to detail. When it comes to nose surgery (rhinoplasty), even small mistakes can have a significant impact on your nasal appearance. As a nose specialist, Dr. Kao believes that precision is the key to perfecting your most prominent feature. A combination of knowledge, artistry, and intuition are needed to achieve outstanding rhinoplasty results. If a good nose job means that nobody notices anything but your overall improved appearance, what are some indications of a bad nose job?

Noses That Change Post-Healing

While a surgeon can’t predict everything about your healing process, it is their job to consider the future and anticipate possible changes to your nose as you recover. A nose that looks good on the operating table may not stay that way once healed. Cartilage can bend in ways your surgeon didn’t want, or grafts can curl up. These unforeseeable factors aren’t readily apparent in the beginning, but a skilled surgeon attempts to predict and prevent them.

Poor Nasal Structure

Woman's Nose ProfileA common tell of a nose job is poor nasal structure. A scooped-out nasal appearance is created by the over-reduction of the height of the nasal bone. Occasionally, if the hump of the nose is over-reduced, the upper lateral cartilage can collapse, creating an inverted-V deformity. In other cases, the width is over-corrected, creating a nose that is too narrow for the face. This happens when a surgeon overdoes the infracture of the nasal bones, leading to a nose that is too slim. Additionally, if the surgeon doesn’t preoperatively assess a large turbinate that needs to be removed, narrowing the bone may also impact your ability to breathe comfortably.

Nasal Irregularities

You can often feel irregularities in poor nose jobs. An irregular dorsum occurs when you can feel jagged bones or an uneven texture when you run your finger along the bridge of your nose. The tiny spurs of bone cause irregularities that impact the feel of the nose in addition to its appearance.

Unattractive Nasal Tip

A surgeon can create a pinched nasal tip if they over-resect (remove too much of) the lower lateral cartilage. In this case, the nostrils get pinched, which contributes to an overall squished nasal tip. Other tip issues include the creation of an upturned pig-like nose with the nostrils showing, which is caused by an over-rotated tip.

Nasal Tip

To avoid these characteristics of a bad nose job, you should choose a surgeon who is experienced with the more delicate techniques required for nasal plastic surgery. It is essential to always prioritize skill and substance over price and time. For more information about nasal plastic surgery, you can contact Dr. Kao’s office today!


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