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What Dr. Kao’s Patients Are Saying

I went in for an consultation thinking I may be interested in cosmetic surgery. I loved how honest he was and how he told me I should go to their spa instead for some less invasive procedures at this point in time. He really had my needs in mind and didn’t try to get me to do something that might be premature at this point.

– Dawn D. (

Dr Kao is a wonderful and gifted surgeon. He cares for both your physical and emotional needs. I would highly recommend him

– Rod G. (

Dr. Kao is an exemplary surgeon and I feel blessed that he was available for me. The scar revision became a bit more extensive when the doctor discovered a large hernia, but he patiently and expertly repaired it. I felt very well cared for and at ease the whole time. It was a stellar experience from beginning to end. I highly recommend Dr. Kao and The Kao Center!

– Mary B. (

Dr. Kao is the best…his methods are cutting edge and so genuine and caring – a rare combination. He is HONEST with you on what you need to look better than ever. It is easy to see that HIS WORK IS HIS LIFE, which in turn, makes you and the outcome of your surgery a priority to him. The entire staff is very dedicated and have gone above and beyond to take care of me in my after surgery care. (my recommendation is to listen to him and his team and do what they say).
I’m a woman that tries to take care of myself and aging is a privilege with the choice on how I do it. Thank you Dr. Kao!!

– rita c. (

From the moment I arrived, the staff at Kao Plastic Surgery made feel so comfortable. They are all just lovely. They go out of their way to help make sure you are informed and understand everything along the way.

Dr Kao is incredible. He listened and cared about what I was looking for. Then he worked his magic. I got a ponytail lift. His work is impeccable. He’s so talented.
I was so well taken care of throughout the entire process.

I’m so happy with my results. I’m very thankful to Dr Kao and all the amazing human beings at Kao Plastic Surgery!

– Terry E. (

Dr. Chia Chi Kao is an artist. He knows what beauty is and works on each case as if an artist is working on perfecting a painting. I had the Alexandra breast lift (with fat transfer & internal bra) with Dr. Kao back in March 2021, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I love my new breasts – not only do they look perky, but they look exceptionally natural. I initially was interested in implants, but hearing about all the different stories regarding breast implant illness, I decided to just do fat transfer for a bit of volume. Dr. Kao even told me that I should go back for the second part of my surgery to further perfect my breasts, but he did such a great job with just one operation that I don’t even see the need for a second touch up. He is truly one of a kind – his skills are beyond the norm, and his bedside manner is amazing as well. He’s light, funny, and super friendly. It took me years to find him, but glad I never got it done before with another surgeon. He is EXCEPTIONAL – he may be expensive, but he gives his all, and you’ll see for yourself that he does. He has a passion for beauty. My mom did the type 1 Ponytail lift with him and she looks stunning. In a few years or so, maybe in my 30s, I will be getting the ponytail lift by him. I cannot wait. I’m literally trying my best to avoid fillers because I know his touch is going to be the one stop shop! Also, all of his nurses and Dr. Swapneel Shah (anesthesiologist) were amazing and made me feel so excited going into surgery!

– Michelle S. (

Morgan was only 7 weeks out at the time of the recording, Her visible scars appear redder than normal due to her naturally pale skin. However it should disappear after additional 3 months.

– via Youtube (Morgan Losing)

Dr.kao is definitely deserves 10 stars he is an artist gifted hands worth the $ do it right the fist time especially when it comes to your face .

– Celine H.

Dr. Kao is an exemplary surgeon and I feel blessed that he was available for me. The scar revision became a bit more extensive when the doctor discovered a large hernia, but he patiently and expertly repaired it. I felt very well cared for and at ease the whole time. It was a stellar experience from beginning to end. I highly recommend Dr. Kao and The Kao Center!

– Mary B. (

Amazing Reconstructive Surgeon for Breast Cancer patients

Dr. Kao is a talented surgeon with gifted hands, a wealth of knowledge and a kind and compassionate heart. His thorough preparation is unparalleled… He invests an enormity of time studying, and planning on how to approach and tackle the case to obtain the optimal outcome and I am so grateful to be his patient. Choosing the right surgeon is crucial and, when under duress, is not an easy thing to do. I am a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with bilateral DCIS on March 31 2016… which began my journey of dealing with cancer. Dr. Kao was not my first plastic surgeon for reconstruction but I am so fortunate to have found him for my second chance… on reconstruction… and he will be my last!!!! When I was diagnosed I immediately began the process of researching and consulting with numerous specialists to make decisions on my treatment plan… this included 4 plastic surgeons all highly recommended by the oncology specialists I was speaking to (regretably Dr. Kao was not one of them)…. I made the difficult decision to undergo a double nipple sparing mastectomy with reconstruction, rather then lumpectomies with radiation. While my oncology surgeon who performed the mastectomies – Kristi Funk, MD., worked her magic…. I was not so lucky with my my initial choice in plastic surgeons. I underwent not 1 or 2 or 3, or 4… but 8 – yes 8 reconstructive surgeries with that surgeon between 6/2016 and 6/2017 all under general anesthesia. While I did know going in that the need for multiple reconstruction procedures was not uncommon after mastectomy… no one ever suggested there would be 8 of them. And while with each procedure my original surgeon assured me there would be improvement and that this was the nature of the beast…. unfortunately no improvement followed. The outcome was so horrifying that by the 8th surgery… I would cry each morning when I saw my reflection in the mirror… After so many tries I began to think it was just me…. I was being selfish and should be grateful to be cancer free. Nevertheless I began consulting with other plastic surgeons and after meeting with 3 more plastic surgeons I found Dr. Kao…. who was the first who left me feeling he could improve my outcome. In our initial meeting, Dr. Kao spent nearly two hours with me. He took the time to outline each and every step of the procedures he would perform and what I could expect. He patiently answered all my questions, provided me with detailed explanations of what he could and would achieve, and explained the challenges he and I would face in my second chance reconstruction. His attention to detail, knowledge, and strive for perfection was apparent from our first meeting. I remember leaving his office feeling I had finally found a surgeon who could help improve my reconstruction. During the entire experience, Dr. Kao and Fallon, his patient coordinator. really helped me through the whole process by supporting all my needs. Fallon coordinated the scheduling for pre op, surgery and post op, and was always kind and supportive each time we spoke. And as for my result…. I am now about 8 weeks out…. and Dr. Kao out performed himself and all of the promises and assurances he made to me! His surgical talent is apparent and unsurpassed… with the tools of his trade, he thinks outside the box to achieve outcomes I am convinced no other surgeon could match. As a cancer survivor I am very lucky to have found this surgeon! For those of you who have faced the misfortune of not so attractive outcomes after mastectomies, I highly encourage you to consult with Dr. Kao.

– via

I wish I can give this doctor more than 5 stars more like a 10 * anyway this doctor is unique from any different surgeon I’m telling you he’s worth the money do not skimp when it comes to your face it’s better to do it right the first time this is the doctor I definitely recommend his staff is also very patient and kind Dr Kao definitely has a Gifted Hands the man is a artist thank you Dr Kao I love love love you.

– C K. (via

Dr Kao is a wonderful and gifted surgeon. He cares for both your physical and emotional needs. I would highly recommend him.

– Rod G. (via

Dear Dr. Kao,
I wanted to let you know that I believe your mind and your hands are a gift from God. You are a phenomenal surgeon. You are truly blessed! I’m telling you I’m a picky woman. I was so scared and afraid but I was willing to take a chance on you, and I do not regret it! I’m getting better and better and I’m looking like myself but only younger. 🙂 Also, I have no scars! I’m so glad I did not skimp on my face. I’m glad I did it right the first time with you. I was so scared for the dark circles under my eyes. You met my expectations by making me look natural! I still have more to recover but I am liking what I see everyday in the mirror. Yesterday was the first time I actually went outside and hung around with people up close and face to face. No one said anything or acted funny. They said, “you look different it’s your hair isn’t it?” LOL I said, “yeah I decided to try a new hairstyle.” They kept staring but couldn’t figure it out. I tucked my hair behind my ear, in case they thought I did something, but there were NO SCARS by my ear. There are NO SCARS – Amazing! Your technique, the Ponytail Lift – WOW! I kind of cheated the aging process a little bit thanks to you. Because of my new look and my new found confidence, I’m a different person. I’m changing everyday emotionally for the better. I was so afraid to do the surgery. I really had to overcome my nerves and take a chance and I’m glad I did. You met my expectations. I really appreciate everything you’ve done. When I was writing your review they only limited it to 5 stars. Honestly, that is not enough stars for what you deserve. You are more like a 10 star. I should have listened to you and put a little bit of fat in my lips, but we’ll save that for next time.

Forever grateful,

“My Dearest Dr Kao: You don’t need anyone to tell you what an exceptionally fantastic surgeon you are,but I dare. Say no one appreciates your perfectionism as much as me!! Not only you’re a miracle surgeon, but also a caring compassionate and humble human being who I’ve had the pleasure knowing. The amount of care and attention, kindness and compassion that I have always received from you Is beyond words. Continuously listening, explaining, putting up with my worries, fears, and freaking out at all hours of day and night and ALWAYS being nothing but compassionate, supportive,and patient, very patient and caring. Please know that I know how lucky I am to me your patient. I can not thank you enough. I am extremely lucky. I love you so much…”

– Hedi.

In order to truly comprehend how significantly Dr. Kao has positively impacted my life, let me start with why I sought the help of a plastic surgeon in the first place.

I had endured the trauma of a sexual assault at knife point. I turned to food for solace and ended up gaining over 80 pounds. This self-imposed barrier somehow helped me feel safe and protected initially. But eventually I felt imprisoned. It limited me from living life fully. I knew that in order to free myself and move on, I had to rid myself of this excess baggage. It took me almost 9 months but after much discipline following a strict diet, I returned to my normal size.

Unfortunately the victory was short-lived and not as fulfilling as expected. When I looked into the mirror, while I didn’t see fat anymore what I saw now was sagging skin. I had traded one reminder of the past for yet another. I still didn’t look like myself on the outside despite finally returning to who I knew myself to be on the inside.

And to make matters worse, the man with whom I’d lived for 23 years was moving out and I would be heading into the unfamiliar world of dating where you only get one chance to make a good first impression. But instead of my face reflecting my joyful nature…irregardless of my smile…the drooping eyes made me look sad. And the thought of getting naked with a man was beyond terrifying. Yet, that was exactly what led to the next step in my journey back to wholeness.

While in bed with the man I was seeing, he shared that he was especially attracted to his previous girlfriend’s body because she had breast implants. That did it! It was time for me to do whatever I could to be my best self…inside and out.

At my very first consultation with Dr. Kao, I knew he was the right plastic surgeon for me. He was understanding and caring. He too wanted me to look like me only better. He focused intently as he assessed my particular needs and honestly and realistically explained what he could do for me. He patiently answered all of my questions and explained his innovative methods which set him apart from others in this field. He looked me in the eyes, was a great listener and was compassionate…all of which gave me confidence and trust moving forward. I scheduled surgery and never looked back. A decision I will never regret.

Despite initially thinking I would start with the breasts, Dr. Kao and I together decided to do the face first which ended up being a wise choice. His vision and artistry, high standards, attention to detail and passion about delivering great results are to be commended and he does deliver!
He is highly talented and a master…very professional and with the utmost of integrity. I am grateful to have been on the receiving end of his expertise which has been life-changing.

Thanks Dr. Kao for being who you are, doing what you do and for helping me reclaim my life 🙂

– K.K. (

Wonderful doctor, amazing staff, pleasant experience.

– via

Dr. Kao was very patient with me during the entire process. He ensured I was completely comfortable pre-surgery, and 100% satisfied post-surgery.

– via

Dr. Kao is unique in that he seems to have a keen intuition, an artistic eye and a sensitivity of heart for creating just the right effect. I highly value the genuine care of Dr. Kao, his expertise and the trust that I feel in his abilities. My surgical experience has been excellent, and I know that I have been in the best hands throughout my process. Because of a cleft lip at birth, some of my corrective needs have not been simple. This last surgery, I can honestly say, was brilliant. I am highly satisfied with the details of my surgery, and am so happy with result!

– via

Dr.Kao was there for me every step of the way! I’m so happy I went with him.

– via

Hi Dr Kao, I just wanted to let you know that I went to a party last night and sat in a table with women who never met me before and when they found out I had a son who just graduated from University. They were shocked! They kept asking me how do I look so young! And I wore a dress that showed my new cleavage and my husband couldn’t stop looking at it. Ha ha ha!! So thank you!! ??

– J.J.

After 1 1/2 years of healthy diet and exercise I came to Dr. Kao with two problem areas; my love handles and slight belly paunch. He listened to my history and my wants. He did a thorough examination and interview with me to get a clear understanding of what solution(s) were available to me and what would best address my needs. I especially liked that he gauged my tolerance for end results, potential scarring, and post op care. After seeking 2nd and 3rd opinions I came back to Dr. Kao because both his diagnosis and interview clearly showed me that he had both my best interests at heart and he knew how he could best help me. The procedure went smoothly. The surgical team (and anesthesiologist) were friendly, professional, and highly skilled. My post-op care was filled with frequent check ins, communication, and patience as I asked many questions and the team wanted to ensure I got the best results from the procedure. Even with the expected swelling after the procedure I could see the results immediately. The incision for the tummy tuck was discreet and healed so quickly! I had minor complications with drainage. (I am a tall person and the abdominal area had excess fluids to remove due to my activity levels and minor flexing/bending) But through it all the team took care of it and just over a month after the procedure with the swelling going down (there is still some swelling that may take months to go away) my love handles are gone and my stomach is more tone and flatter than it has ever been. I cannot wait to see how things look in the coming months as the swelling goes away and I am able to get more active and fine tune the new body Dr. Kao and his staff allowed me to have. What a great staff! Always pleasant, courteous, and professional. And accommodating! They are always checking in on my progress and they truly care as evidenced when I have my post-op visits. they have been the best!

– via

He is an exceptional person and physician whose knowledge and perfectionism really come through from the minute you walk into the office. His staff is professional, kind, caring, authentic, and the office is a model for excellence.

– via

I had surgery with Dr.Kao and I am very pleased with the results. Not only did he explain to me in a very precise manner, he had a wonderful bedside manner. He followed up with me at the aftercare facility and through text and calls daily. I felt very well taken care of during my recovery. My result is phenominal. People say I look 10 years younger!!!! All of his staff is very professional and friendly. Nurse Anh (?) was so sweet and caring. Sasha, his assistant was so professional and helped me with all of my questions and phone calls. Kelly, the coordinator was a joy! What a wonderful team to have! I will tell all my friends and family about Dr. Kao. 10 out of 10 !

– via

“Dr. Kao is the most friendly & professional, best experience!”
Dr. Kao was very patient with me during the entire process. He ensured I was completely comfortable pre-surgery, and 100% satisfied post-surgery.

– Michelle S. (

Dr. Kao is so great. I was referred by a friend who raved about him. I’ve wanted to have my chin and neck lifted for a long time. Now I am so happy. I look so much younger. I feel so much younger. I’m so glad I decided to do this.

– Eleanor C. (

I just wanted to write to you to say a quick thank you for the amazing job you did on my reconstruction. I know I was unsure when I saw you last because they’re bigger than I’m used to, but they’re settling now and people are complementing me on them:-) The big joke on my shoot was when one of the inappropriate men came up to me in front of everyone and said, “you sure have some nice breasts!” All joking aside, I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have you as my Plastic Surgeon. On top of the beautiful work that you do, you’re so caring, compassionate and have such a big heart. Going through breast cancer at 40 was difficult enough, but you’ve played a HUGE part in making this journey more bearable for me by restoring my femininity and making me feel whole again. See you in September!

Sending good vibes and praying for you and your family always,

– Mariam J.

I went in for an consultation thinking I may be interested in cosmetic surgery. I loved how honest he was and how he told me I should go to their spa instead for some less invasive procedures at this point in time. He really had my needs in mind and didn’t try to get me to do something that might be premature at this point.

– Dawn D. (

How do i even begin to write about someone so incredibly talented who impacted your life so much?

I had no confidence,low self esteem and very insecure. I was referred to Dr. Kao by a friend and im so glad i decided to follow through with thoa procedure.
I had the ugliest nose growing up. It had a bumb on the top and boy it stuck out.
Dr. Kao has great talent and very very steady hands. I would refer him to any body out there looking for any kind of cosmetic surgeries. 100 stars

– R.R. (

Let me start by saying that my mom is NEVER happy with anything and complains about EVERYTHING. Sooooo the fact that she’s happy is in itself an anomaly, let alone regarding such a sensitive and painful topic! This level of genius and artistry deserves recognition.

Deciding to forward with a double mastectomy is a very difficult decision for any women to face. However to come out on the other side so happy, confident, and beautiful is not something we anticipated. She did a lot of research and was very nervous. The result are healthy, young (40 years younger), beautiful, and natural looking breasts. Dr. Kao even helped her saved the nipples (as you may know, this is not easily done). This is an amazing place to be a few months after the emotional distress of having nothing at all.

Thank you for all the kindness you’ve shown my mother. Thank you for making her feel so truly happy and confident. For holding her hand throughout every step and being empathetic. You’ve helped her back to her normal life.

Today she told me: “He cares so much and understood everything I was going through even though he’s not a woman!”

– S.D. (

Dr. Kao is nothing short of a miracle worker. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in my left breast, I was faced with the unenviable task of trying to find the right person to perform reconstruction. Dr. Kao was by far the standout of the surgeons I met with. He was kind, smart, patient and confident, and his results are extraordinary. He is a perfectionist who has truly exceeded my expectations, everything looks even better than I ever dared hope. I feel so fortunate to have found him.

– via Rate MD

I cant say enough about the amazing work Dr. Kao did for me / on me! My life has changed for the better!! Dr. Kao was wonderful and comfortable to be with all of the way through the process. He is a meticulous surgeon who hold himself only to the very highest standards! His love of his work is obvious and his focus instills great confidence. two of my friends had gone to him before me and just seeing their results, I went straight to him! Kelly, who works with Dr. Kao, was lovely, warm and helpful from the very beginning of the process and all of the way through even with follow up appointments.

– via Rate MD

He is an artist; excellent medical doctor; terrific communicator of medical techniques; a perfectionist; caring and compassionate; attentive; very intelligent; pragmatic, no “Hollywood” nonsense; to the point; perfectionist; extremely capable; reachable; family friendly; tireless; good sense of humor; great staff; uses great anesthesiologists; organized; comforting; confident; no self-aggrandizement; understands emotional needs if patient; empathetic; kind; to the point; extremely focused on the case. A terrific experience so far. Insists his patients be comfortable post-op.

– via Rate MD

Thank you so much for everything. I really appreciate you coming to visit me in the hospital and at home. And for bringing me goodies and Bamito visit. I just finished eating the chocolates yesterday, they were really good!! Thanks also for taking such good care of me and being so sweet. It’s awesome to know and to think that there is such a talented plastic surgeon looking out for me. I absolutely adore my nose. It’s just what i was looking or imagined it would look like. I love how it makes my eyes look bigger, and my chin and lips look great, amazing actually. And I can finally know what normal breathing should feel like, although I’m still getting used to that. I just really can’t say thank you enough and how talented you are, and I feel and felt at every moment very well taken care of.

– Victoria

Thank You For Continued Talent And Patience With Me, For Now And Any Future Issues That May Arise. Sincerely From The Bottom Of My Heart.

– Nicole M.


Thank you for your wonderful work. All good wishes,

– Kim B.


I really wanted to give you a big “Thank you” for all your hard work. The results are excellent and I’m very pleased (and just as importantly – so is Neil). It’s been a long process and I know I’ve been impatient – but in the end- it was worth the wait. I know the tattooing will only improve what has already been done. Everything you do exudes precision – from the way you print your notes to the way you explain the procedures so it made me smile when we were getting ready to go into surgery and you brought our your circle templates, fat markers and “measuring tools”. I know there is nothing about skin that is “precise” and your “tools” work perfectly, but I thought you should continuer that precise persona of yours by having the state of the art measuring tool to take into your consultations. You don’t have to use it = it will just look amazing. 😉 Thanks again for everything!

– Marla B.


Thank you for partnering with me in a pursuit for perfection. I pray all of our partnerships in 2016 are a perfect production! 😉

– Kate


I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. The thought of surgery seemed a bit crazy at first, but meeting you & Kelly made me feel very good about my choice. I’m much happier with my appearance, but it all still looks very natural to everyone else which is exactly what I hoped for. I’m grateful George knows you because I wouldn’t have had this done by a stranger! You made me feel very comfortable and I am so pleased with the results. I’m healing nicely, have more clothes to choose from now (which, unfortunately for George, means I’ve been out shopping). and just feel better about my appearance. You’re a wonderful doctor. Thank you so much.

– Nancy W.

I am a 44 year old mother of 3 children. Any woman who has had children knows that our breasts just aren’t the same after pregnancy, weight gain and loss, and nursing. After struggling with what my girlfriends and I jokingly called “socks with change,” for 10 years, I decided to consider plastic surgery. I live in the west side of Los Angeles and I began my search for “the best plastic surgeon.” After interviewing about 10 famous plastic surgeons I decided to go with a Beverly Hills surgeon who came highly recommended and is famous for his “perfect breasts.” I’ll get back to my surgical outcome later. I decided to stay in a surgical recovery center for 2 nights so the nurses could help me take care of the surgical drains. While there, I saw women who had had face and neck lifts walking the halls dragging their IV poles and huge scary looking bandages covering most of their head and face. The sight of these bandaged and badly bruised women almost turned me away from having any more plastic surgery. Frankly, it scared me.  While there, I had the opportunity to interview many of the nurses.  These nurses provide post surgical care for most of the well known and respected plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, so I figured they would know who did the best work. I asked who they would use if they were to have plastic surgery and if all of the face lift patients look as scary as the ones I had seen? The answer I got from several of the nurses was Dr. Kao was different from the rest…that his patients had minimal bandaging, less swelling and bruising, and that in many instances it was hard to find the tiny incisions he made for his face lifts. I’m not great with names so I asked my husband to write down his name, just in case. A few years later I decided to meet Dr. Kao to discuss the possibility of having a face and and neck lift. Dr. Kao was different than the other plastic surgeons I had interviewed a few years earlier for my breast surgery. He was polite. He was not arrogant. I did not have to spend hours in the waiting room, as I had with two of the Beverly Hills surgeons I had interviewed for my breast surgery. He took a lot of time with me and seemed to have the passion and vision of an artist. Still, the decision to have a face and neck lift was enormous and I was nervous. The surgery was long, not inexpensive, and carries the same risks as any surgical procedure. Don’t forget the recovery time and what if I didn’t like the results? After thinking about it for about 6 months I decided to go for it and scheduled my face and neck lift surgery.  I was as excited as I was nervous. My surgery also included very mild shaving of my brow bone so it was scheduled for 13 hours. Thankfully, the anesthesiologist used an anesthetic, which did not require intubation so I was breathing for myself during the surgery. I woke up in the surgical center with bruising around both eyes and some skin colored tape on my forehead. My neck felt pretty tight from the lift. I did have a small gauze dressing around my hairline for the first day or so, but it was nothing like the “mummies” I had seen in my previous stay. I couldn’t believe how good I looked day 1. Dr. Kao said there was a lot of swelling and it would take time to really see the results. He also said the tightness in my neck would loosen with time. It did. It has been about a year since my surgery. Two words come to mind when trying to describe Dr. Kao, TALENT and GENIUS! I am extremely happy with my surgical outcome. My friends and family who do not know I had surgery tell me I look terrific. People who have known me for years but have not seen me for a while tell me I haven’t changed and I look wonderful. They can’t tell I had work done! I just look good. I feel very good about my decision to have my surgery and consider myself blessed to have found a surgeon as gifted as Dr. Kao. By the way, the breast surgery I mentioned earlier that I had done by the famous Beverly Hills doctor, did not turn out right. My breasts are not smooth, don’t fall nicely, and unfortunately, if I want them right I need to have another breast surgery. I plan on having Dr. Kao perform this surgery because he is simply the best. Thank you Dr. Kao!

– Robyn R. (

The very first time I met Dr. Kao, I knew I was in the best possible hands. I had previous consultations with other Plastic Surgeons, but had never had felt so absolutely confident as I do in Dr. Kao. He was so generous with his time and patiently answered every question. And he was on time!!!  A rare find in the cosmetic surgery world! From his kind patient coordinator, Kelly, his wonderful anesthesiologist Dr. Lu, his compassionate nurse Melanie, it was an impeccable experience from start to finish. I had my procedure last week, and I was guided step by step. (I’m a bit of a worrier) I have never felt more taken care of. I’m on my way to recovery now, and I am feeling amazing!! My procedure far exceeded my expectations, and I know all my friends & family are already saying how impressed they are. Their offices are gorgeous, and they also offer every service to keep you looking absolutely perfect!:)

– S F. (


You are the 1st doctor to actually listen to what I had to say about my eyes before botox. You took your time & heard the patient. Just wanted to say thank you!

– Liliya K.

2 weeks ago I had a Breast Implants removal and Revision from Dr.Chia Chi Kao. My Saline implants from the previous surgery I had was exactly 2 years ago. My right implant was sitting very high near my collar bone and was hard and painful. It was Encapsulated/Capsular contraction scar tissue on both implants. My left breast was lower then my right, and both areola’s were badly repaired that it look like stars rather then perfectly rounded, from bad sewing. It was hard living with this imperfection each day and being frustrated looking at my horrible operation from the previous surgeon in Encino and spending thousands of dollars on what I thought was for the long haul. Dr Kao is special and gifted. He is charming and highly educated. He’s patience is remarkable and never made me feel that I was taking up all of his time during my first consultation with him. In the past other Surgeons were always rushing and pushy. Dr Kao listened to every emotional and dreadful feelings I had. Instead he made me feel comfortable, and gave me his best advice and solution for my implant revision. Dr Kao and his Staff are wonderful dedicated people working together so that they can achieve great results for every Patient. Dr Elizabeth Lu my Anesthesiologist was amazing and graceful. She was so kind and nurturing. Dr Chia Chi Kao ‘s Bilateral inverted-T revision on my breast implants are beautiful. My new Gel implants feels natural and weightless. My procedure was successful and healing fast. I am excited and looking forward to next year for my Abnominoplasty procedure. I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking or planning a Cosmetic Surgery, to please look at Dr. Chia Chi Kao MD website so you can learn all about him, he’s work ethics, skills and technique. Dr Chia Chi Kao is genuine and a Master in his Art.

– Vivianne R. (


Dearest Dr. Chia Chi Kao,

My heart will never forget. Thank you for your, your great work and your generosity. I am so proud to share to everyone I know who you are. There is not enough of Thank You’s I can say. I am so blessed to have you and Dr. Lu and your OR nurses. My Gratitude for life, to you.

– Vivianne 5/25/2016

Dr Kao how do I begin….

I have known you for many years now and you are and have been my dream come true… I am so happy to have you in my life and again as part of my team of doctors….this reconstruction from breast cancer still seems to be on going… Not your fault, mine by changing to a doctor that I believed was doing the right things…. When I returned to you , you knew immediately what the problem was not only have you built me a breast from the breast cancer years ago and I must say did a fantastic job but now you rebuilt the other which was looking so horrible..and again performed a maricle….You also worked on me on your special day your birthday!,,, for that I thank you with all my heart…. Today I saw the results of your work once again when the bandage was removed and I cried as I am doing while writing you this. I know you have patience that comment you all the time but I want to give you the biggest one ever…. You are my hero and I finally feel whole one again….I am giving you my permission if you would like to show before and after pictures on your site and or any to any of your clients…. With that being said please give the the assistant who removed my drainage a thumbs up she is so gentle and so caring…. Also, Julie your the best I have known you for years too and will never forget you….. Dr kao I still haven\’t forgotten that birthday…I won\’t tell how old you are…….. See you next week…..


Dear Chia Chi,

I want to profoundly thank you not only for the outstanding job on my wife, but most importantly for your words of clarity and inspiration. I was elevated to a spiritual level watching your love for our craft. It was an impactful day not just on a physical level for my wife, but on a divine magnitude for me! Thanks with major gratitude for being a game changer!!


A fellow plastic surgeon

Dr. Kao,

No words to express my deepest gratitude for your brilliant work!

Bountiful Blessings,


Dearest Dr. Kao,

I would like for you to know…

I love, love, love, the work you have done on me. I look forward to our work together, in the near future.

Warmest Regards,


Dr. Kao,

All these years you have been so wonderful. I appreciate everything you did for me!! I know at times I can be difficult and I wanted to thank you for being so cool, calm and patient. You are an amazing plastic surgeon, and I really trust your choices and eye.

P.S. You are so talented. I am blessed to have you in my life.



Dear Chia Chi,

You’re the best! Thank you so much for taking such great care of me, you went above & beyond and did such an amazing job! I wish I could express how truly grateful I am.

This is just a token of my appreciation.



Dr. Kao,

Words cannot express your kindness. However, thank you from the bottom of my heart

May God Bless you twice



Hi Dr. Kao,

I wanted to thank you for everything you did for me. The thought of surgery seemed a bit crazy at first, but meeting you and Kelly made me fell very good about my choice. I’m much happier with my appearance, but it all still looks very natural to everyone else which is exactly what I hoped for.

I’m grateful George knows you because I wouldn’t have had this done by a stranger! You made me fell very comfortable and I am so pleased with the results. I”m healing nicely, have more clothes to choose from now ( which, unfortunately for George, means I’ve been out shopping), and just fell better about my appearance,

You’re a wonderful doctor. Thank you so much.

All my best.


Hi Dr. Kao,

I really wanted to say Thank You for being such and amazing surgeon. When I was desperate and devastated after that botched up surgery a few years ago you where able to confidently fix me. You love a challenge and I’ve provided plenty of those for you over the years.

You were able to give me the confidence to hold my head high again. This in itself was a true gift from you. I’ve taken a few vacations and was able to wear a bathing suit. Be assured, I was definitely able to strutt my stuff.

Love you. See you soon


Dr. Kao,

Just wanted to let you know it’s been five years since my surgery and I still look great! When I go back and look at the before pictures, I can’t believe it’s the same person…I can’t tell you how much more confidence I have in myself! I am much more at ease meeting new people and just feeling great in general…. thanks again!


Dear Dr. Kao,

I just wanted to write to you to say a quick thank you for the amazing job you did on my reconstruction. I know I was unsure when I saw you last because they’re bigger than I’m used to, but they’re settling now and people are complementing me on them:-) The big joke on my shoot was when one of the inappropriate men came up to me in front of everyone and said, “you sure have some nice breasts!” All joking aside, I’ve been thinking about how lucky I am to have you as my Plastic Surgeon. On top of the beautiful work that you do, you’re so caring, compassionate and have such a big heart. Going through breast cancer at 40 was difficult enough, but you’ve played a HUGE part in making this journey more bearable for me by restoring my femininity and making me feel whole again. See you in September!

Sending good vibes and praying for you and your family always,


Thank you so so so much for all your help! I love my tummy and I love you guys! Dr. Kao is the best doctor in the Universe! Love

– M.R.

Dear Dr. Kao,

I wake up every morning grateful that I chose you as my surgeon. Your skill has resulted in my ability to regain my quality of life.

Happy New Year,


Dear Dr. Kao,

Thank you for the personal care and concern you have provided throughout my treatment. Happy holidays to you and your family and to your dedicated staff.

Sincerely, C.J.

Hi Dr. Kao,

I just would like to express my Thanks to you for everything you’ve done for me. Dr. Kao, it isn’t just the reconstruction of my breasts, but it is more so about the reconstruction of my life. I feel that I am now quite connected to myself Thanks to your devotion and time you’ve spent to counsel me. Dr. Kao, small change can make a big impact in a person life, and you provided this.

Best regards,


What a Wonderful life.

Dr Kao,

What can I say? I had no clue I would be this happy! You made the whole experience a pleasure, and ‘pain-free.’ I truly feel like a different person – I finally feel comfortable in my own skin and that is truly a gift.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart


Dear Dr. Kao,

I want to wish yourself and your family the best in 2007. I often think about our conversations that we had and your kindness and help that you gave to me. Those two years were the toughest and most confusing times in my life. It was hard to understand what was going on during that time. What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t know how kind, understanding, and giving you were being to me and my family. I really appreciate you being a friend to me.

Thank you. I also want you to know that things are going really well for me now. Thanks for the help. If there’s anything I can do to help you out, let me know.

Very truly yours, R.F.

Dear Dr. Kao,

Thank You so much for all you have done for me. You are smart and a have a funny sense of humor, (even when I wasn’t feeling to good) you make me laugh. I trust that you’ll make me like “new”.

Dr. Kao,

Thanks for understanding the difference between reconstruction and vanity. Your skill and perfection, have given me the gift of “visual amnesia”.

Dear Dr. Kao,

Well, here we are again. I want you to know that I am so happy with everything you’ve done for me. I know I get really nervous before all my surgeries but, when I look at my body now, I can’t believe how far we have come…..and how much you’ve helped me get rid of the damage that was done by years of being obese. I also want you to know that I’ve come a long way, mentally, from where I was when you first started operating on me. I have a much more realistic view of what my body IS and what it CAN BE……. and I now see that the body I have been given is a pretty darn fine one. So, that being said, here I am again, on your operating table…. not because I’m obsessing or thinking that I can have perfection, but because now we’re dealing with the “fine- tuning” on the great work you have already done. And this time you and I are hoping to accomplish several things. I thought I’d make you this list to help you remember what we talked about doing today…. although I doubt you’ll need it. But here it is, just in case. And, once again, THANK YOU for everything!

Dr. Kao,

Thank you, thank you for saving my life. What else can I say?

…to good plastic surgery!

Dr. Kao,

Thank you so much for being such a good doctor and I appreciate everything you did for me.

Dr. Kao,

No matter how nice you make me look on the outside you make me feel so much better about myself on the inside.

Dear Dr. Kao,

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful care. I really appreciate your integrating the human touch with your technical skills – the are complementing the science. I further appreciate the very generous discount you offered. It would not have been possible otherwise.

Dear Dr. Kao,

I wanted to thank you for making this experience such a positive one. I really appreciate the fact that you made me feel like a person, not just a patient. You tool so much time with me, answered my endless questions and never rushed me. I appreciate your support and expertise in helping me make the right decisions for me. You will never know how much all this means to me how positive an experience this was. I am looking forward to working with you again.

Dr. Kao, Julie, Susan,

You were all so gracious, accommodating us when we arrived late, and staying longer, that we could have our questions answered. We truly appreciate your blend of professionalism, artistry, and human consciousness, thank you so much!


I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your service and all the help that you’ve given me. You’ve really made this whole ordeal a lot easier to handle knowing that you’ve taken care of all my paperwork and helping me to still get paid while I’m off.

Thank you so much! God Bless..

Dr. Kao,

Words cannot begin to express my gratitude for the beautiful job you did. I cant wait to see the finished product. You are a Godsend. May God always bless your pratice, you and your family. Thank you!

Dr. Kao,

Thank you for making me feel at ease through the process of consults and the day of surgery. I’m glad I found someone as skilled as you along with having a caring soul. Thank you.

Dear Dr. Kao,

I just wanted to say “thank you” from the bottom of my heart, for helping me feel better about myself. You did a “wonderful” job on my “Tummy Tuck”. I am very happy. Thank you so much.


You have been there from the beginning. The voice of assurance, reason and calm. It’s not only what you do, but the way you do it that is so appreciated.

Thank you.


Thank you for all of your help and guidance – for being there to help solve all my little fears and concerns – for being warm and kind and very efficient. I’m very blessed to have you help guide me through this difficult past of my life.

With much thanks,

Dr. Kao,

I wish that I could put into words the effect this surgery has made in my life. I have not only physically changed but emotionally as well. My state of well being is greater. I’m so appreciative for your skill and ability. Thank you.

Dr. Kao,

Have I ever told you that you are the best plastic surgeon in the world! Well if I didn’t I am telling you now.As you know having breast cancer was a very critical time in my life. Not only physically but also emotionally.It was the toughest and hardest time of my life. You have been such a great doctor through it all, surgery after surgery and probably one more surgery just to get it perfect. I must say you are a perfectionist. I am so honored to have you as my doctor and to have you as part of my cancer team. You truly have been a big inspiration to me and I trust you completely with my life.(What am I going to do without you when this is all done). I will miss you so much. But for now I look forward to seeing you next year. To you and your family have a SAFE and Happy Holiday.
“Thank you everyone! Thank you so much for both your skill and kindness. I never dreamed I would look so “normal” again. All of you have made this journey far less stressful than I could have imagined. With my deepest gratitude.

Dear Dr. Kao,

When I learned I had breast cancer and that I would need a double mastectomy I was horrified. I felt violated, the fear overwhelming that I would lose my breasts. I had nursed my boys. I found sexual pleasure, my god they had been with me since my beginning. I met with other plastic surgeons and lost my faith in doctors. Someone suggested that I meet with you. To be honest you were the last doctor I would see because I was to the brink of despair. I had made up my mind if I did not feel right with our initial meeting I was not going to have the reconstruction!! Immediately when I met you I knew you were different. I felt so cared about and knew I would be in good hands ( literally ). Dr Kao never did you allow me to lose my dignity. You quickly became my superhero, you took away all my fears and concerns and I now felt like I was on a adventure now always looking forward to our next visit or surgery. As horrific as my situation was you turned it around and my husband and I are in agreement that I look better than before. For as long as I live, I will always remember you, as you truly are my hero. You turned me into a believer that good can come out of bad. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Dr. Kao,

Although I was unfortunate in being stricken with breast cancer, I am very fortunate to have net you. At a time when life seemed grim, you treated me with respect and gave me hope. After my masectomy I felt very distorted. But once left in your hands, I can honestly say I look better than before. Thank you Dr. Kao, now I actually have fun shopping for “bras”. Love,

Dear Dr. Kao,

I just wanted you to know that I went for my annual mammogram today and AGAIN another X-ray nurse commented on the REMARKABLE surgery you performed – reconstruction – lift of the right breast to make them both symmetrical et al. As you can well imagine, it’s most difficult for me to have to re-hash the four (4) surgeries I endured in 2003 every year when I go for my mammogram, but the GREAT news is I feel that I placed myself in the MOST COMPETANT HANDS with you!!!! You are a blessing in my life and for that I will be forever thankful and continue to wish you the best!!!!!!!

Sue T.

Hello Julie,

Just wanted to tell you, that it’s the evening of the surgery and I feel great! Don’t even need painkillers.You guys are fabulous over there, I include everybody of course, but especially you. My nurse was so nice and good (I can’t remember her name, I was too spaced out, sorry). The anesthesiologist was very sweet and caring and I feel almost normal tonight, like nothing happened, like I was never knocked out. He did a great job! And of course Dr. Kao – the Master! When this latest round is healed up, I will finally be able to wear low-cut clothes again and I’m looking forward to it! Very low-cut!

See you next week-


Dear Dr Kao,

Hope this finds you well! It’s Long overdue – but, I really do want to thank you for the beautiful work you did for Me. It looks great and I’m very pleased with the results. I recently had my first MRI and MAMO since treatment and all is well- so far so good! It would be great to see you and thank you in person – I’m sure you’d like to see the final outcome – So, I’ll plan to stop by later this summer.

Warm Regards-


Dear Dr Kao,

Thank you for taking such good care of Michelle and me. We appreciate your attention to detail and thought you take with our surgeries.

Most Gratefully –


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