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Natural Results With Circumareolar Mastopexy

Dr. Kao Breast Lift Patient before and after photosBreast lift is commonly performed on women with mild to severe degrees of sagging, which has caused them to develop an aged or unattractive breast appearance. There are a number of breast lift techniques that can be implemented to achieve a better-looking breast. However, many women want to preserve the flawless aesthetic of the breast, and they do not want the visible scar on the outer skin that anchor incisions tend to leave. To combat this, Dr. Kao uses a circumareolar mastopexy to restore drooping breasts.

Why We Don’t Hear About the Circumareolar Mastopexy

Dr. Kao prefers to perform the circumareolar mastopexy for his breast lift patients. It is a technique he has perfected over the last 18 years in plastic surgery. However, this technique isn’t one that women often hear about when going in for a breast enhancement procedure. Circumareolar mastopexy requires a great amount of skill and technique refinement in order to achieve a flawless circumareolar breast lift, and many surgeons just won’t offer it to their patients. If they do, the lift is very minimal because the techniques as described in the textbook of plastic surgery should not be attempted for a lift that is less than 1 inch (< 2cm).

Nipples Are the Secret to a Great Breast Appearance

When you look for a quality breast lift, you may pay attention to the size of the breast or its overall shape. The secret factor in amazing-looking breasts is the positioning of the nipple. In many cases, the placement of the nipple-areola complex in relation to the breast mound is too high or too low. Less experienced surgeons may find that they cannot properly reposition the nipple for fear of causing tension, scarring, or flattened breasts.

Other Elements of Great-Looking Breasts

In addition to nipple placement, a quality breast lift looks at the overall shape of the breasts. We pay attention to the arc of the lower pole and how the edges of the breasts flow naturally to the waistline. In some cases, the level of the inframammary fold is naturally or artificially too low that we will have to elevate as well.

Issues When Placing Implants

A circumareolar technique can also be implemented when placing implants. Surgeons without the placement experience that Dr. Kao has find that when they place implants at the natural inframammary line, the nipple is positioned too low on the breast. Instead of properly repositioning the nipple-areola complex, an inexperienced surgeon will just shift the implant lower until the nipple is in the center of the chest, which shortens the waistline.

Circumareolar Mastopexy With Dr. Kao

Dr. Kao has spent over 18 years perfecting his circumareolar mastopexy technique. While many surgeons believe you can’t reposition the nipple more than two centimeters, Dr. Kao can elevate the nipple-areola complex up to nine centimeters without creating excess pleating. His techniques result in flat, smooth breasts within eight weeks.

Dr. Kao’s technique ensures that a perfect areola circle is created every time. The scars stay thin, and the breasts retain their natural fullness. At the time of your breast lift, Dr. Kao can reduce the size of your areola, improve the size and projection of the nipple, and create a better-looking nipple for flawless breast results. Other benefits of Dr. Kao’s technique include:

    • No loss of nipple sensitivity
    • You retain your ability to breastfeed
  • Shorter recovery (10 to 14 days)

Dr. Kao can also combine the Alexandra Breast Lift™ with your circumareolar mastopexy for long-lasting, better breast lift results. The Alexandra Breast Lift™ incorporates an internal bra mesh that provides additional support to your breast tissue. Click here for more information on the Alexandra Breast Lift™.

If you are ready to see how Dr. Kao’s circumareolar mastopexy can transform your breast appearance, schedule your consultation today. You can call our office at (310) 315.9211, or you can contact us online.

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