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To Lift or Not to Lift (The Breasts)?

Your breast dissatisfaction may stem from a number of reasons, such as lack of volume, sagging, or a deflated breast shape. Dr. Kao believes that every woman should have a bustline that makes her feel happy and confident. All too often, he sees women who are unhappy with their breasts but don’t know what will improve their look. Dr. Kao will look at the root cause of your poor breast appearance and develop a custom breast procedure that will leave you with fabulous results.

When Not to Lift

Kao Breast Augmentation PatientFor women who don’t have laxity in their breast tissue, implants are adequate to achieve the look they desire without a breast lift. This usually occurs in younger women or women with smaller breasts and therefore less overall tissue to become weighed down. Even in these cases where the breasts do not need a lift, every woman presents a unique set of needs to achieve her ideal breasts. Dr. Kao employs a variety of implant options and placement techniques to give you the breast volume and shape that highlights your body.

When to Lift

Breast Lift by Dr. KaoBreast sagging is common following pregnancy or weight loss. When a moderate or extensive amount of breast tissue sits at or below the inframammary line, you should consider a lift to restore youthful firmness and shape to your breasts. Many who consider a breast lift also have poor nipple-areola complex positioning, where the nipples and areolas sit low on the breast or point downward or the areolas are simply too large and unattractive. As discussed in previous blogs, Dr. Kao developed a specialty breast lift that allows him to significantly reposition the areola and lift the breasts without a traditional anchor scar or visible breast pleating. He is also the only breast surgeon to perform the Alexandra Breast Lift™, which provides extensive correction without the lengthy visible scars.

Combining Techniques

Breast Lift with ImplantsWhen Dr. Kao evaluates a patient, he may find that she has multiple breast issues. Not only may she lack attractive breast volume, but she may also have visible sagging. Implants alone cannot improve sagging, and your breast augmentation results won’t be as long lasting if laxity isn’t corrected. Dr. Kao is able to combine his unique breast lift techniques with implant placement. He designs your procedure to prevent visible scarring and to provide a beautiful look that will last for years.

You’ll Only Know With a Consultation

The consultation process is the most important step on your breast journey. When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Kao, he evaluates your frame and helps you determine your needs. After identifying which candidate you are, he will begin devising a plan to give you natural, beautiful breasts.

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