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Is a Scarless Breast Lift Possible?

The goal of any cosmetic surgery procedure is to mimic natural beauty. Though scars are part of the healing process, they don’t help the surgical results look natural. Achieving a scarless breast lift has long been a goal for both patients and surgeons alike. Traditional breast lift techniques, such as the circumareolar and inverted-T lifts, often result in visible scarring, which can be a concern for many women seeking breast enhancement. However, with advancements in surgical techniques and technology, scarless breast lift procedures are becoming increasingly possible. This blog explains the details and benefits of one such innovation, the Alexandra Breast Lift, developed by Dr. Chia Chi Kao, and how his revolutionary approach combines the advantages of traditional techniques while minimizing visible scarring.

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What Is the Alexandra Hybrid, No-Scar Breast Lift?

The Alexandra Breast Lift is a groundbreaking surgical technique developed by Dr. Kao to address the limitations of traditional breast lift procedures. Named after a patient who inspired its creation, the Alexandra Breast Lift allows patients to achieve beautiful breast enhancement results without the drawbacks of visible scarring.

Necessity as the Mother of Invention

It is normal to have a specific set of wants and desires when considering plastic surgery, and not finding a surgeon to meet those goals can be frustrating. It’s your body, so you want an ideal outcome. Dr. Kao had one such patient, Alexandra, who was disappointed because surgeons kept telling her that it was impossible to achieve the breast lift she wanted without extensive scarring.

Alexandra asked Dr. Kao to think outside the box and create a new breast lift approach, one that could provide her, as well as others like her, with beautiful breast results and minimal scarring. He did just that and named the technique after her—the Alexandra Breast Lift (mentioned in a previous blog).

Internal Bra Mastopexy Revisited

Instead of doing a traditional anchor breast lift and approaching the procedure from the typical angle, Dr. Kao modified the internal bra method. By utilizing a hybrid approach that incorporates elements of both the circumareolar and inverted-T lifts, the Alexandra Breast Lift achieves remarkable improvements in breast shape and firmness without leaving behind unsightly scars.

The Alexandra Breast Lift Difference

Dr. Kao specifically designed the Alexandra Breast Lift as a hybrid lift combining the best of the two techniques. It shapes and condenses the breasts without creating any thick, unattractive scars. By combining the strengths of the circumareolar incision (around the areola) and the inverted-T incision (around the areola, extending down to and along the fold), the Alexandra Breast Lift performed by Dr. Kao can dramatically enhance the appearance of your breasts without any substantial scarring.

First, Dr. Kao makes a circumareolar incision to remove a doughnut-shaped area of skin from around the areola. This technique facilitates significant nipple elevation (potentially as much as eight or nine centimeters) without causing irregularities, leaving significant scarring, or compromising aesthetics.

Next, the skin is separated from the breast tissue, and the inverted-T technique is utilized internally to reshape the breast tissues and leave the breast skin virtually intact.

A mesh is added as an internal bra, which provides additional breast support, prolonging and maintaining results. The result is perky, well-defined breasts with minimal scarring and without nipple removal.

What Does a Breast Lift Without Nipple Removal Look Like?

A breast lift without nipple removal, as exemplified by the Alexandra Breast Lift, focuses on reshaping and elevating the breasts while preserving the natural appearance of the nipple-areola complex. Unlike traditional techniques that may require nipple repositioning or removal, the Alexandra Breast Lift allows for significant nipple elevation without sacrificing aesthetics.

During the procedure, the nipple-areola complex is moved upward through a circumareolar incision, resulting in a more youthful breast appearance. By using internal techniques to recontour the breasts, the Alexandra Breast Lift achieves beautiful, natural-looking results without the need for nipple removal.

Pitfalls of a Conventional Breast Lift & Benefits of a Scarless Lift

A traditional circumareolar breast lift (using incision only around the areolas) can enhance breasts with mild sagging and results in almost no visible scarring; however, the lift of the nipple is limited to no more than two cm, and the procedure often does not create a very perky breast as the breast tissue is only minimally lifted. The scar can also be wide, making it hard to keep the areola perfectly round and often flattening the breasts.

An inverted T lift can repackage breast tissue for a perkier appearance, but the scar is an anchor configuration on the breast. The problem arises when you want an improved breast shape, better nipple position, and minimal scarring. Traditional techniques make patients choose shape over aesthetics, and for some women, this option is less than desirable.

The Alexandra Breast Lift represents a significant advancement in breast lift surgery, allowing patients to achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes without compromising on scarring or nipple position. With its innovative approach and emphasis on natural-looking results, minimal scar breast lift procedures are becoming increasingly achievable for those seeking breast enhancement surgery, especially in Santa Monica, California.

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Lift Without Scars?

Dr. Kao believes the best results are achieved when the correct procedure is performed on the right patient. The Alexandra Breast Lift can be performed with or without implants and can provide beautiful results for many patients. However, if this isn’t the right approach for you, Dr. Kao will evaluate your needs and develop a treatment plan that can deliver the cosmetic breast appearance you desire.

Scarless Breast Lift Surgery in Santa Monica, CA

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