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Category: Breast Lift

To Lift or Not to Lift (The Breasts)?

Your breast dissatisfaction may stem from a number of reasons, such as lack of volume, sagging, or a deflated breast shape. Dr. Kao believes that every woman should have a bustline that makes her feel happy and confident. All too often, he sees women who are unhappy with their breasts but don’t know what will […]

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Natural Results With Circumareolar Mastopexy

Breast lift is commonly performed on women with mild to severe degrees of sagging, which has caused them to develop an aged or unattractive breast appearance. There are a number of breast lift techniques that can be implemented to achieve a better-looking breast. However, many women want to preserve the flawless aesthetic of the breast, […]

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Origami Lift

To Lift or Not to Lift—Your Breasts A significant number of women find that their breasts change over time. Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss can have dramatic effects on the integrity of your breast tissue, which impacts the perky, attractive qualities that most women desire in their appearance. If your breasts seem to lack the […]

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