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Origami Lift

To Lift or Not to Lift—Your Breasts

Breast Lift Before and After PhotosA significant number of women find that their breasts change over time. Aging, pregnancy, and weight loss can have dramatic effects on the integrity of your breast tissue, which impacts the perky, attractive qualities that most women desire in their appearance. If your breasts seem to lack the youthful contour you believe they should have, maybe you should consider a breast lift.

Lifts Improve Sagging

The main issue addressed with breast lift surgery is ptosis (sagging). Women with sagging breasts may feel that their breasts appear to be drooping or their nipple-areola complexes are in unattractive positions. The goal of a breast lift is to reposition the breast tissue and restore a firmer breast appearance. The type of breast lift best suited for you will vary depending on the extent of tissue laxity you have.

  • Grade I – Normal breast appearance: the breast tissue sits above the inframammary fold, and the nipples point outwards
  • Grade II – Mild laxity and sagging: the lower breast tissue sits on the inframammary fold, and the nipples may begin to point downward
  • Grade III – Moderate laxity and sagging: the lower breast tissue sits below the inframammary fold, and you may have poor nipple projection
  • Grade IV – Severe laxity and sagging: a significant portion of the lower breast tissue sits below the inframammary fold, and the nipples point downward

The Origami Breast Lift for Larger, Saggier Breasts

You may feel that because your breasts are larger or heavy that you cannot have a breast lift, but this isn’t true. Dr. Kao implements an inverted-T technique or utilizes an internal bra for women who have cumbersome breasts. The breast tissue is folded and remolded into a rounder, perkier breast with beautiful projection and shape. Thus the “Origami” nature of the procedure. Then the skin envelope is reduced, tightened, and redraped over the new breast mound. A reduction of breast tissue can be performed at the same time. Dr. Kao can restore the appearance of your breasts by providing additional support to the breast tissue using a dissolvable mesh material, creating an internal bra.

Two Origami Lift Case Studies

Combine Your Augmentation With a Lift

You may feel that your breasts lack attractive volume in addition to having laxity. It is important that sagging is addressed in patients who are considering a breast augmentation because it is vital in creating the best, long-lasting results possible. Women who don’t improve sagging before or during their augmentation will find that they may become dissatisfied with their results over time. Complications can develop from tissue laxities such as double bubble deformity or bottoming out.

Dr. Kao recommends combining procedures for all of his augmentation patients who present with laxity. He balances tissue removal with implant size to maintain the natural, beautiful appearance of your breasts.


If you want to restore the appearance of sagging, unattractive breasts, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kao today. Call our office at (310) 315.9211 or contact us online.

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