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A Unique Approach to Breast Augmentation Incisions

There are several traditional approaches to creating incisions for breast augmentation. Many surgeons will perform the procedure using either inframammary incisions placed along the inframammary folds or transaxillary incisions within the armpits. The drawbacks to these techniques are either unsightly scarring in the case of an inframammary incision or limitation on implant placement with the transaxillary incision. Dr. Kao believes that every decision made during the breast augmentation process affects the beauty of your final breast appearance, and incision placement is no different. Dr. Kao’s unique approach to breast augmentation incisions ensures natural results with minimal visible scarring.

The Periareolar Difference

Incision OptionsFor most breast augmentation surgeries, Dr. Kao prefers to use a periareolar incision. This technique creates an extremely thin incision along the lower border of the areola. The placement of the incision along the colored portion of the areola, in combination with a finer cut, helps mask the appearance of any scarring that may develop.

Going Under the Breast Tissue

The traditional approach to a periareolar incision is to cut straight through the breast tissue, including the glands and ducts, to create a breast pocket for the breast implant. However, Dr. Kao believes that this technique disrupts the functioning of the breasts and doesn’t result in the natural breast positioning that most patients desire.

Instead, Dr. Kao prefers to go around the breast tissue, rather than through it, to create an implant pocket behind the pectoral muscle. A submuscular implant placement helps create a more realistic breast shape and provides better cleavage for many patients.

Creating Breast Symmetry

Many women who come seeking a breast augmentation have slightly asymmetrical breasts. When Dr. Kao places your implants, he will make minor adjustments to the size or placement of each implant to ensure that your breasts are symmetrical and balanced. Dr. Kao’s attention to these minor details is what allows your breast augmentation results to transcend good and become amazing.

Gone are the days when all procedures were performed the same and where incisions were created simply to insert an implant. Dr. Kao treats each patient as an individual and tailors his breast augmentation technique to meet her unique needs. If you’re looking for beautiful breast augmentation results with no visible scarring, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kao today.

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