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How to Treat a Drooping Forehead

Ponytail Lift Before and After PhotosFacial aging can occur in two distinct areas of the face: the lower third along the jawline and the upper two-thirds that includes the eyes and forehead. In the past, the upper portion of the face was treated as different parts. You may have wrinkles along the forehead, wrinkles between the brows, drooping brows, or sagging eyelids. Other surgeons will have a number of different procedures to treat each of these facial aging issues. However, Dr. Kao believes in treating the face as a unit with his non-excisional eyelid lift. He targets the underlying problem rather than simply treating the surface tissue.

Sculpt Rather Than Remove

In Dr. Kao’s career, he has seen that the worst upper facial corrections are usually the result of surgeons over-removing tissue from around the eyes. This often results in volume loss around the eyes, creating a hollow appearance and a lowering of the brows. Instead, Dr. Kao focuses on lifting and sculpting the brows to improve facial shape.

Dr. Kao’s special brow rotation technique shapes the brows rather than simply shifting them straight upwards. A suturing technique shapes the brows, and Dr. Kao uses regenerative cells to support them. To correct drooping eyelids, Dr. Kao uses the endoscope to dissect under the brow and the upper eyelid skin, and the entire brow and the upper eyelid skin is redraped upwards for a more youthful and visible upper eyelid crease. This technique preserves the volume of tissue around the eyes but ensures that the brows attain a more youthful position without any incisions.

The final step is to release the frowning muscles along the upper face. Dr. Kao utilizes this technique to create a natural “BOTOX® Cosmetic effect.”

Refining the Skin

Skin tone and texture play a large role in the quality of your results. Dr. Kao can use either his facial detailing technique or laser treatments to improve the quality of your skin. Facial detailing uses regenerative cells to smooth wrinkles and improve your complexion. Laser treatments correct fine lines and crepey skin around the eyes. These treatments erase signs of aging and balance your facial appearance.

If you are dissatisfied with your appearance due to facial aging, schedule your consultation with Dr. Kao today. Call our office at (310) 315.9211 or contact us online.

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