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The Ponytail Lift™: Not Your Average Facelift

Dr. Kao's Ponytail Facelift Before and After PhotosMen and women who are experiencing unwanted facial aging may choose to seek out a facelift to restore their youthful appearance. However, the downfall of many surgeons’ facelift techniques is that they treat the face in sections rather than as a whole. To combat divisional procedures that only address select areas of the face, Dr. Kao created the Ponytail Lift™ to provide his patients with the comprehensive anti-aging results they desire.

What’s Wrong With a Traditional Facelift?

The traditional facelift that is performed by most surgeons places incisions in the hairline and repositions the underlying muscle layer of the face. Excess skin is trimmed away if needed. The problem with this technique is that it fails to target other causes of facial aging such as sagging eyelids, drooping brows, and poor skin texture. So while a traditional facelift may leave you with tighter jowls, most people still retain aging in other areas.

Revolutionizing the Facelift

Dr. Kao believes that beauty is all-encompassing, and if you are to treat aging in one area, you must treat it in all areas. His revolutionary Ponytail Lift™ focuses on managing all aspects of facial aging, not just sagging jowls. Dr. Kao’s Ponytail Lift™ includes the following procedures:

Non-Excisional Eyelid lift

The Ponytail Lift™ includes the non-excisional eyelid lift to rotate, lift, and sculpt the brows. Rather than removing excess tissue, Dr. Kao uses sutures to improve eyebrow shape and injects “Super Fat” to restore fullness. He may weaken the frowning muscles to create a permanent “BOTOX® Cosmetic effect.”

Endoscopic Jowl Lift

The endoscopic jowl lift targets the same area as the traditional facelift. Dr. Kao enhances jawline definition and eliminates sagging by stitching the drooping fascia from the jaw to temple, minimizing the appearance of jowls.

Facial Detailing

While skin tightening techniques can restore a firmer facial appearance, many patients will still suffer from wrinkles or skin texture. Dr. Kao uses “Super Fat” and “Powdered Sugar Fat” to restore the texture, tone, and vibrancy of your skin. Throughout your procedure, Dr. Kao meticulously fills in wrinkles and areas of volume loss to ensure dramatic, long-lasting results.

Taking It One Step Further

Dr. Kao can transform any Ponytail Lift™ into a Ponytail Facelift™ by including a limited-incision neck lift. An untreated sagging neck can ruin the youthful effects of the Ponytail Lift™. Dr. Kao treats the neck by tightening the skin from the jawline to the chest. The entire neck is contoured by plicating the neck muscles in the front and performing a posterior corset that Dr. Kao specifically developed. The Ponytail Facelift™ results in not only a more vibrant, youthful face but also a longer, leaner neck appearance.

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